Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NREGA "social audit" of Oct 2009: Outcomes in press

Highlighted results:

The total amount of funds the audit seeks to recover are: Rs. 18,37,000 ($38,250 USD)!

12 FIRs (First Information Reports, to identify cases of suspected corruption to authorities) have been filed... mostly for having used construction machines rather than man-power; the NREGA requires that manpower be used, and 60% of funds support this, and only 40% go to purchasing material inputs...

And, this was the biggest social audit to date - was quite something to see 1,800 people hosted in the community club in Bhilwara!

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Devin Peipert said...

Great pictures, and great description of the audit. It great to learn about!

chaat paapdi said...

So happy you participated in an audit and met Aruna! Isn't it all amazing? Ha ha. Was laughing thinking about 1800 ppl in the community club in Bhilwara!